About SpotMentor

SpotMentor is an end-to-end learning technology platform for large enterprises to create an ideal learning cycle and close critical competency gaps. It uses 3 patent-pending algorithms to automatically identify people capability gaps, recommend suitable learning content from multiple sources and measure business impact of the learning outcomes. 

The Problem Statement

L&D departments in enterprises are required to cultivate necessary competencies needed in the organisation.

The needs of L&D departments are –
• Know what skills to train on
• Create and execute learning courses based on this information
• Track the ROI

With the current solutions in place, the L&D departments struggle to obtain necessary insights–
• Know what skills to train on – Gathering the data needed to derive this insight is a lengthy exercise (1-2 years), so most of the companies decide to use domain expertise of the learning team and discussions with business heads to decide upon the training needs.
• Create and execute learning courses based on this information – Due to the absence of data crunching functionality in current solutions, it is impossible to analyze all the massive learning content available across multiple sources and curate the most engaging, cost efficient and personalized learning plan.
• Track the ROI – This requires tracking of business metrics in real time and over a period of time which in turn needs integration with multiple softwares (which store business data)

The Solution

A software platform that encompasses all the steps in an ideal learning & development cycle using Natural Language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) based technology.

Spotmentor uses insights derived from unstructured data on jobs, people performance, and capabilities to identify skill gaps for each employee, after which it searches for the best possible learning content on the web create suitable learning plans, and then calculates the effectiveness of learning programs and their business impact – all through its 3 patent-pending algorithms.

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