About Sofocle

Sofocle empowers technology innovation and value creation by leveraging the power of Blockchain Technology. We develop Blockchain based products and solutions for businesses across different industry verticals notably Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Logistics. Team of Blockchain experts at Sofocle have expertise in several Blockchain supporting technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum etc. for developing Blockchain powered apps along with smart contract functionality.

Why Choose Us?

As early adopters of this technology, we understand the value of innovation in the ever-evolving technology landscape. We thus strive to stay ahead of the curve by executing our knowledge through successful implementation of POC’s, client engagements, and similar other reliable solution for our Clients. With several awards and accolades to our credit, we have become one of the most reputed and sought-after providers of Blockchain based solutions.

Our Solutions

1. sofoPay: sofoPay is a Blockchain-based solution designed to streamline Procure-to-Pay process. Built on HyperLedger fabric, this solution uses Smart Contracts for digitizing processes including streamlining the payment process in a highly automated way. This solution helps trade partners to operate in a transparent ecosystem by providing them with a real-time view of every transaction happening within the network. Apart from this, it facilitates discounting on well-known trade instruments, augments the liquidity of the collateralized assets, and automates the execution of contracts in real-time.
2. sofoChain: This Blockchain-based Product Supply Chain Management solution helps in determining the provenance of a product besides tracking the status of a product in the Global supply chain right from the production of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished goods, till it reaches the hands of the end-customers, in a secure and transparent environment.

Key Features:
Create Digital Passport of Physical Assets: By leveraging sofoChain, businesses can ensure safe and secure transfer of their assets between different supply chain nodes to prevent the inclusion of counterfeit product in the supply chain. Furthermore, our solution also verifies the chain of custody to ensure proper accountability of every stakeholder present within the supply chain.
Link & Assign Properties to Products: With this solution in place, businesses can link and assign certain properties to the products such as serial numbers, bar codes, color etc for better tracking and ensuring better transparency.
Eliminate Double Spending: Using this solution, double spending could be eliminated by tracking purchase orders, change orders, receipts, shipment notifications and other trade-related documents.
Verify Certifications and other Sustainability Standards: By leveraging sofoChain, businesses can verify their digital records as they are all linked to the Digital Passport and are not just mere stamps or images.

Track & Trace: This feature of sofoChain can help businesses track and trace the origin of a product and their current status in the supply chain so that poor products can be removed before they reach the end-customers.

3. sofoInsure: This Blockchain based solution helps businesses streamline their claim settlement issues by automating the entire insurance process by utilizing the smart contract functionality and mobile applications. Designed specifically for the Insurance industry, this solution addresses the pain points of the industry by minimizing paper-work, ensuring automated verification of claim by creating a smart contract of the insurance agreement between the insured and the insurer. When pre-defined conditions are met, trigger is generated following which smart contracts get executed. This helps in reducing operational costs that would otherwise be incurred due to collection, storage and processing of claims.
In the travel industry, sofoInsure helps address the issues related to travel insurance by reducing claim settlement time drastically. In other words, it offers a smart solution to frequent travelers who often have to deal with flight delays by helping them purchase insurance policies via mobile apps that too without the need for filling in lengthy details. On the other hand, it helps travel insurance firms to streamline their processes and reducing costs by speeding up insurance processes.
In the automotive industry, sofoInsure does away with the lengthy and exhausting process involved in filing claim against a motor insurance policy, which are usually of low amount. sofoInsure for motor insurance deploys the concept of self-survey wherein the vehicle owner himself surveys the damaged vehicle. Followed by this, the vehicle owner has the provision to upload the pics of the damaged parts along with the requisite claim documents. Upon submitting the claim via mobile app, the solution suggests liability to the customer (insured), utilizing data analytics tools. This helps the customer to get on the spot settlement of the claim made by him/her.

4. Certiza: Digital Records on Blockchain.
Immutable and Verifiable.
One of the key issues that plague businesses across different industry verticals is storage, retrieval and access to data. With the aim to resolve issues related to data storage and accessibility, Certiza offers businesses with a common and shared platform for continuous storage, retrieval and verification of digital records in real time. Certiza is a market ready product, which could be leveraged by businesses for issuing, verifying and storing digital records of educational, medical, socio-legal or commercial significance with ease and transparency.

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