About Map Recruit

Map Recruit is a Talent acquisition platform that uses AI and automation to process 10x faster at only 30% effort.

The Problem Statement

Large enterprises, RPOs, Job portals deal with large number of job applications that need to be given structure, matched & ranked to job positions and shortlisted.

The Solution

Resume and JD Parser:
Resume and JD parser extracts more than 27 attributes and insights at high accuracy. The Machine
Learning algorithms understand the intent, synonyms, canonical forms, entity relations for better
accuracy. Integrates with in-house or any 3rd party ATS.

Visualize and Shortlist Profiles:
Instead of going through each profile individually, Recruiter can visually skim profiles and shortlist
them for scheduling interviews based on any pre-defined criteria.

Automated Interviews:
Audio & Video Interviews: Listen to only the necessary content. Shortlist candidates and rate them
at your convenience.

Use the Voice Analysis to analyze the best answered candidates. Select the top answered candidates
for next round (MR Video or In-person interview)

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