About InFeedo

InFeedo uses a lifecycle- based model to engage with employees and track their mood to determine the employees most likely to leave. They have also developed an employee driver experience framework to determine the key areas of focus for the organization from an employee’s perspective.

The Problem Statement

Many companies use annual engagement surveys that do not necessarily help garner information from an employee’s perspective. As these surveys happen at a single instance, with standard set of questions for all employees, and are quite lengthy, organisations do not get actionable data for specific employees. Most organisations have expressed a need to get real time feedback to track mood and stay engaged with their employees. HR business partners need to use their face time with employees more productively to be impactful.

The Solution

InFeedo has introduced Amber, an AI driven bot who has been positioned as the smart assistant of the CEO. Amber reaches out to employees based on specific milestones in their lifecycle with the organization and asks relevant questions (max 5-8). Amber is able to understand the sentiment of the responses and therefore suitably empathises should there be a negative answer and then asks a relevant follow up question and so on. Given the confidentiality of the conversation employee response rates are high and the onus is on the organization to take pro-active steps to manage employee sentiment and prevent attrition.
The Employee Experience Drivers enable the leadership of organization be more focused in terms of strategic initiatives to improve the overall employee experience.

InFeedo has 70+ customers across India, UAE, US. Amber has had over 70000 chats and has learnings from over 600K answers making her a highly intelligent smart assistant of the CEO.

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